Friday, 14 March 2014

MozLounge @ GNIT, Ambala (Haryana)


Hii Mozillians & Open Source lovers, Here's the another event for the name of mozilla to spread out the tide of mozilla. If we talking about the event, its a another great chance for us to get people aware about the biggest open source community. Strictly speaking it was the very 1st event of mozilla in Haryana state & we feel proud to be there for the name of mozilla.


This time I got a chance to host the event, as well as we were invited by Amit waliya who is the local organizer.So after invitation i was preparing for this event & asked to my moz punjab community members to join this event,
             Me (sajeev), Mohit & Rahul just left for ambala on 10th march just before the one day of the event. We just reached there at 8 in the evening. Amit picked us to the college. After a long journey finally we reached there...Then we had a lunch & started preparing & planning for the tomorrow's event.
On the Event day, We got ready for the event.


  • Introduction to Open Source
  • How to Contribute & get involved with mozilla
  • Introduction to Mozilla
  • Mozilla Products
  • Localization (Hands on Session)
  • SUMO (Hands on Session of Army of Awesome)
  • Web maker introduction
  • Hands on session with WebMaker
  • Introduction to FirefoxOS
  • Hands on session with FirefoxOS App Development
 As above we had long list of we just kick started the event @ 10 am & it has a 4 hours duration.First we started with the intro of ourselves & quickly Rahul started with the introduction of FOSS. He delivered a speech duration of half an hour, that was a great pleasure for me, how ardently rahul differentiate the mozilla community from the other communities.

 Then i joined Rahul for giving the detail information about the mozilla mission, It takes much time. I just gave them the way to got involved with mozilla & how to contribute for this open source community for making the web better. For me its another great experience to interact with new Tech Geeks, to read their mentality & to aware them about FOSS.
 Then Mohit gave a session on mozilla products & how they works. After giving answers of lot technical queries by the students, We just amazed to see that we have too much impressive response in just a 1st session, Personally i was glad to get that kind of interactive session.

In between we had a quiz...After each session we gave a chance to nabb mozilla T-Shirts..we Just asked students to give answers rapidly. It was the interesting time with full of joy....
   Just After that we had a session of Localization, which was over to me, then it was a heavy discussion between me & students.I explained what is Localization, what we do with it for mozilla, how can we do that. Then gave them a hands on session & translate an article into Punjabi language. & for examples i showed some translated articles & web page, which is done by Aman Alam (Locale reviewer).
Then the next session was SUMO.The students was expecting too much from me  about this session, because they saw me in the Top Contributors list of AOA & as they already know that i have been contributing in AOA for last Year... Then i gave them a hand on session if AOA & support forrum too.

Then finally come to our last session Webmaker. Again we gave a heavy definition of Webmaker Tools. firstly We start from Thimble. Mohit & Rahul both gave a hand-on session of it together with used some HTML & CSS tags..
After that i showed them some tricks with X-Ray Goggles tool..& describe it with the example of James Bond tools :) They all enjoyed this session very much..& at last we finish our session with Popcorn maker.. again a hands-on session delivered by me...

After it a great session given by Amit waliya (local organizer). He gave a stupendous hands-on session on Firefox OS...

 After that session. we finished our Event with lot of applause & some group pics..

 Few more clicks & its credit goes to Shivang for his fabulous job:- 

I hope u enjoyed my article.....thanx for reading it...:)

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