Monday, 30 December 2013

Steps to get in Army of Awesome

Army of Awesome:-

Its a part of SUMO (Support Mozilla) ,,,in which u can tweet by your Twitter account & helping the User by solving their queries regarding Firefox problems like crashing, freezing etc.

My Experience :-    

Well, i have been contributing in AOA since a last Year..., i love to do Browsing in firefox, so almost i know how to fix various issues occurred, that's why i also glad to fix problems regarding firefox of users all around the world...., During Contributing the best feeling is when i getting  'Thanx' from user in response.... It simply means that my one Tweet saves a somebody's day....:)

And this is not the end, For being an active contributor since last year, i also rewarded by Mozilla with some Goodies. :)

Steps to Contribute in AOA:- 

1) Register as a Contributor... 

  • Before Contributing,  First you have to Register as a contributor at mozilla site & you should also have a TWITTER ACCOUNT ...
  • .Follow the link below:-
    As shown in Image , here you have to Fill your details and click on the register button.

    After register successful, Go ahead to edit your Contributor Profile..

    2)  Go To 'Get Involved Page':-

    • On this page you can see diverse ways to contribute in Mozilla..... But now we are talking about 'Helping User'....Here u also can help Firefox User and also as well as Thunderbird Users.....Follow the link to get this page:- 
      • Now Click on the link as shown in image....

      3) Choose the Army of Awesome link :- 

      Follow this Link :-

      4) Next Page :- 

      Follow the Link below:- 

      5) Now AOA page comes at front of u :-

      Here's the same page as shown in screenshot below, where u can see button on "signin"

      Just Click on 'signin' button

      6) Now signin with ur Twitter account:-

      7) After signing in You will be redirected to the AOA portal:-


      Now you are Free to reply the tweets....Plz Keep in mind few things During Tweeting:-
      • Always use (#fxhelp) tag while tweeting, otherwise u will be Block by Twitter by posting Bulk/spam of tweets...
      • NOt Always use the Predefined Answers. Use ur wording while tweeting which is better more than predefined answers for the user...
      • Apart from AOA, keep tweeting in ur personal twitter account, which prevents u from suspension of ur account.......

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