Saturday, 19 October 2013

Comunity Building In Bread-Basket of India (Punjab)

So here's the hailing news coming at the end of this year.Finally Mozilla community in punjab province going to be constructed on 8 December my all Punjabi's Participant :) tight ur shoes & mark that day in ur calender........... 

Event Scheduled By:-
Sujith Reddy - Moz rep (Organizer)

Event Portal :-

List of Participants joining the event....
1.Ashish Jalota (Mozillian) - Marketing
2.Sajeev soni (FSA) - Army of Awesome, Forum Support, Web Development
3.Mohit Kumar Kakkar (Mozillian) - Marketing
4.Ashim KC
5.Sandeep Jindal
6.Abhishek Thakur
7.Bipin Karki
9.Amritpal Singh
10.Rahul Bains
Expectations :-
  • We expect your support in order to promote Mozilla and its Products
  • We all are professional here and can do a better job in terms of development, support, web applications, marketing etc.
  • We love to Contribute for this biggest Open Source Organization (mozilla) &  will try hard to expand the network of awesome contributers for mozilla. 
  • We want to improve our technical skills, specially about mozilla products and let the people aware of such things.
  • We can surely expect during this event we can learn lot of valuable things from awesome Moz Reps..:) I personally think it'll be a great time for us to spend with them,  

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