Sunday, 22 September 2013

MOZZONE Hack-Jam on 21st Sept....

Hello all,
        So, finally MOZZONE Hack-Jam Party in Desh Bhagat Engineering College completed with great success on 21st sept. we decided to organize a webmaker party in college from 2pm to 4pm, It was a massive experience for us, we (Sajeev,Mohit & Ashish) & students all were excited due to this event.
  • Introduce webmaker tools to students.
  • How to Contribute & get involved with mozilla.
  • Awareness of some "Hacking Tricks" through mozilla firefox.
The basic agenda is to aware students about webmaking tools by mozilla.& so that people would get a chance to work with the world's largest open source community Mozilla.We were surprised by the Overwhelming Response from the Students and their interest for Open Source.
We divided this Hack-Jam into three sessions.
              1st Session
i) Introduction to Mozilla
ii) Mozilla's Mission
iii) Products of Mozilla
 1. Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
 2. Mozilla Firefox for Mobile
 3. BugZilla
 4. Thunderbird
 5. Firefox OS
 6. Webmaker
 7. MarkketPlace
2nd Session                 
              Introducing Webmaker tools
    •  X-Ray Goggles 
    • Thimble 
    • Popcorn Maker    

                                   3rd Session
In this session we get into the Internet lab of the College, & to give some tiny tasks to do for experimentation with webmaker tools........Then we give some hacking tricks to students, this session took 40 mints, this whole session was pretty interactive and we put up random questions in the audience....After that we moved to the quiz contest, In which we set some questions related to mozilla & its Products , we got some good tech geeks people in this party, who gave answers of mozilla quiz contest.....In the end of the party, we distribute webmaker T-shirts to students from the mozilla webmaker swag.....& also we distribute swag stickers among students.....
Then we had some group pics, with lot of smiling faces.......
 Organized By:
Ashish Jalota (Mozillian)
Mohit Kakkar (Mozillian)
Sajeev soni (FSA) 

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