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RIMT Fest....09/04/2014

 RIMT Fest....09/04/2014

Hello All,
Finally MozFest at RIMT Punjab , on 9 th april 2014 Completed with the Great Success. I have a talk with faculty Mr.Sofat of RIMT to Host a event in their College. me(Sajeev Soni), Mohit Kumar and Rahul Bains  are very excited for this event. Me, mohit and rahul, We three people reached before one day evening. Exact before a day i have attended the Mozilla India Community meeting at hyderabad and mohit have returned from Shimla one day before, after completing his college Work.
The Main agenda of this event is:
To catch More active contributors for Mozilla community
  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Examples of Open Sources and their benefits to Public
  • How the Mozilla is best among all open source companies
  • Mozilla Products SUMO (army of awsome)
  • Introduction of Localization Project
  • How to contribute in Localization ,in our Mozilla Punjab
  • Web maker introduction
  • Hands on session with WebMaker
  • Introduction to FirefoxOS
  • Hands on session with FirefoxOS App Development
We divided the session into two parts ,in morning session we Startup our First Session after meeting with  principal of RIMT Polytechnique College.
We start with Introduction to Open Source

In this Session We start with introduction to open Source. By Giving  a information to students and faculty about the meaning of open source by giving examples about various open source software.

Examples of Open Sources and their benefits to Public

Then we have explained various open sources Companies and their benefits and how the mozilla is best among these.

Mozilla Products SUMO (army of awsome)

In this Session Me (Sajeev soni), Mohit kumar and Rahul Bains explained the Mozilla and its products by giving the idea of SUMO (Speailly Army of Awsome) with example of myself & others indians Contribution in Army of awesome.
Most Students are  interested in SUMO project, then We have given the details to students how they can contributed in SUMO project to handle the end user problems.
by giving the details of how the mozillians are contributing in the SUMO project.
Introduction of Localization Project and How to contribute in Localization ,in our Mozilla Punjab

In this Session, the next step is to show them how the mozillians are working in Localization project by showing them Mozilla PUNJAB and contributors.

Specially giving them examples and work under localization. Contributors like aman alam who are contributing in Localization project from last 10 years. they are working in our community. We have motivated students to  work under localization project.

In evening session
Then I have shown the  Mozilla OS to students.and giving the details of mobile (ZTE) that Mozilla has launched in different countries.

It was the  awesome session.

Then Mohit shown them a Demo session to convert Hello word web application  to a (manifest) mobile  application and these are worked and tested in marketplace.

we start with the Web Maker introduction and its Tools. I have delivered a hand on Session with Thimble and giving them a  idea how can we use thimble in Designing by giving them a practical demo.
Rahul bains has explained the X-ray Goggles with practical Session.I gave practical demo of Pop Corn Maker with live Video . students were keen interested with this Session. 

Regional Media Coverage report of this event

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